Emmanuel Falque

Professor of Philosophy,
Institut Catholique de Paris
Thursday, March 3, 2016 (5:15pm)
UVA-Minor Hall Auditorium
Missed the lecture?: Watch the video.
Christian theology largely has focused on asking the questions "What?" and "Why?," and in doing so has produced an immense body of creeds and doctrine. One significant question often bypassed is: "How?" Yet, as Prof. Falque's newly translated God, the Flesh, and the Other reveals, if we return to consider the Fathers and medieval theologians and their orders we find that they are deeply concerned with the question about how to create a manner of being in the Church and before God so that our lives are pleasing to God. For the mendicant orders, for example, preaching is not simply a work for the Dominicans; it is a way of being Christian. For the Franciscans, poverty is not so much what one does as how one lives in orientation to true friendship with God and creatures.  All are invited to attend Prof. Falque's public lecture, which promises to open up these older Christian sources in fresh ways to expose their varied and dedicated answers to the central question: "How?"
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