Faculty/Student Lunch Seminar Series: Doctores Ecclesiae

The St. Anselm Institute for Catholic Thought initiated this popular Doctors of the Church faculty-student lunch seminar series in 2008 with the goal of providing a friendly intellectual setting for students and faculty from different parts of the University to meet and to discuss the life and works of one of the 37 Doctors of the Church. On occasion, we also take a closer look at a learned Saint or another great teacher who aided the Church in Her thinking. No prior academic experience is required, and first-year students to advanced graduate students regularly participate along with a changing set of University faculty. Space, however, is limited, so advanced reservations by individuals are strongly suggested. Interested undergraduate, graduate, Law, Medical, and Darden School students are invited to attend one (or more) of the scheduled sessions. A set of short readings for each lunch seminar will be posted to serve as a focal point for our discussion. If you haven't yet participated in one of these (free!) faculty/student lunch seminars, please don't be bashful: simply email the Institute at: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and reserve a place at the table!

October 20, 2017: Doctor Eximius Francisco Suarez (1548-1617)
Faculty Participants: Jorge Secada (Philosophy), Charles Kromkowski (Politics), David Walsh (Catholic University of America), Anna Stelow (Classics), Jocelyn Moore (Classics), TBA
Common Reading: Copleston, "Francisco Suarez (1) [on Metaphysics] "

Past Events in this Series:

April 7, 2017: St. Teresa of Avila (1515-1582) 
Faculty Participants: Ramon Mujica, Jorge Secada (Philosophy), Alison Weber (Spanish), Beth Sutherland (English), Anna Stelow (Classics)
Required Readings: The Book of Her Foundations, Chapters 6,7,8
Supplemental Reading: "In the Hands of God"
October 21, 2016: Bl. John Henry Newman (1801-1890) (We're full: Please join us at our next lunch)
Faculty Participants: Eamon Duffy (University of Cambridge), Beth Sutherland (English), Charles Kromkowski (Politics), Tom Noble (History)
 Sept. 23, 2016: St. Thomas Aquinas (1224-1274) (Sorry, we're full. Please reserve a seat at the next lunch)
Faculty Participants: Bernard McGinn (University of Chicago), Charles Kromkowski (Politics), Anna Stelow (Classics), Bill Wilson (Religious Studies), Karl Shuve (Religious Studies)
Required Readings: Summa Theologica, Prima Pars, qq.1-3, 12, 13.
Supplemental Reading: Prima Pars, qq. 1-13 


Spring 2016

April 8, 2016: Blaise Pascal (1623-1662)  (1-2 open seats remain)
Faculty Participants: Carlos Eire (Yale University), Kevin Hart (Religious Studies), Charles Kromkowski (Politics), TBA
March 4, 2016: St. Augustine (To accommodate the demand, we've moved to a special location: OpenGrounds/Studio A)
Faculty Participants: Emmanuel Falque (L'Institut Catholique de Paris), Kevin Hart (Religious Studies), Charles Kromkowski (Politics), Betsy Ackerson (Education), TBD
Required Readings:  On the Trinity, Books V, VI, VII
* * * * *
February 19, 2016: St. Thomas Aquinas (1224-1274)(Sorry, we're full; please join us at our next lunch). 
Faculty Participants: Fr. Fr. Thomas Petri, O.P.; Charles Kromkowski (Politics); Anna Stelow (Classics), Fr. Antoninus Niemiec, O.P., Michael Prosser (Communications), TBD
Required Readings: Prima Pars, q. 79, articles 12 and 13
Recommended Reading: Prima Pars, q. 79, articles 1-11
Fall 2015 Schedule

October 30, 2015: Bl. John Henry Cardinal Newman (1801-1890) (Only 1-2 seats available)

Faculty Participants: Michael Root (Catholic University of America), Bill Wilson (Religious Studies), Michael Prosser (Communications), Betsy Ackerson (Education), Charles Kromkowski (Politics/Library),  Tom Noble (History),Fr. Antoninus Niemiec, O.P.

Required Reading: "The Dream of Gerontius"
Recommended Video: Sir Edward Elgar, The Dream of Gerontius (pt. 1: 37 min.); full version available online.


Image result for simone weil

Oct. 2, : Simone Weil (1909-1943) (Sorry, we're full; please join us at our next lunch). 

Faculty Participants: Fr. David Tracy (University of Chicago), Kevin Hart (Religious Studies), Charles Kromkowski (Politics/Library), Anna Stelow (Classics), Elizabeth Fowler (English), TBA
Required Reading: Weil, "The Illiad, or the Poem of Force"
Recommended reading: 1) George Herbert, "Love"; 2) Weil, "Spiritual Autobiography"


Spring 2015 Schedule

April 10, 2015: St. Hildegard of Bingen (1098-1179)
 and Hugh of St. Victor (1096-1141) on the Sacraments
(Sorry, full house; please sign up for our next seminar)
Faculty Participants: Margot Fassler (Univ. of Notre Dame), Charles Kromkowski (Politics/Library), Kevin Hart (Religious Studies), Charles Dunkl (Mathematics), Elie Chemaly (Biomedical Engineering)
Required Readings:
1) Hildegard, Scivias--Vision Six: Christ's Sacrifice and the Church;
2) Hugh of St. Victor, On the Sacraments of the Christian Faith
Book Two, Eighth Part [On the Sacrament of the Body and Blood of Christ]
Recommended reading: Table of Contents ; Book One, Ninth Part, I-III [what and why a sacrament];


March 6, 2015: St. Alphonsus de Liguori (1696-1787)
Faculty Participants: Ulrich Lehner (Marquette University), Kevin Hart (Religious Studies), Fr. Stephen Alcott, O.P., Charles Kromkowski (Politics/Library), Elie Chemaly (Biomedical Engineering)
February 6, 2015: St. Anselm (1033-1109) (Sorry, we're at our limit. Please join us at the next lunch)
Faculty Participants: Anthony Godzieba (Villanova, Theology), Kevin Hart (Religious Studies), Charles Kromkowski (Politics/Library), Elie Chemaly (Biomedical Engineering), Tom MacAvoy (Darden, emeritus), TBA
Required Readings:  Proslogion (pp.238-247)


Fall 2014:
Sept. 26, 2014 (Friday): Sts. Augustine, Chrysostom and Justin Martyr: On the Eucharist (Sorry, we're at our limit. Please join us at the next lunch). 
Faculty Participants: William Cavanaugh (DePaul University); Lynn Sanders (Politics); Alfredo Garcia (Systerms & Info. Engineering); Charles Kromkowski (Politics/Library); Michael H. Prosser (Prof. Emeritus, UVA/Shanghai International Studies Univ.). 
Required Readings: St. Justin Martyr, First Apology 65-67; St. Augustine, City of God, X.4-6, 20; St. Augustine, Sermon 227 and Sermon 272; St. John Chrysostom, Homily on Matthew, 82.4-6.
Nov. 21, 2014 (Friday): Bartolome de las Casas, O.P. (1484-1566)
Faculty Participants: David Lantigua (Catholic University of America), Jorge Secada (Philosophy), Charles Kromkowski (Politics/Library), Kevin Hart (Religious Studies). Required Readings: The Only Way, pp. 63-84, 112-116, 121-124.

Spring 2014:

March 21, 2014 (Friday): Sts. Barsanuphius and John
Faculty and Visiting Scholar Participants: Fr. John Chryssavgis (Greek Orthodox Archdiocese of America), Charles Kromkowski (Politics), Elie Chemaly (Biomedical Engineering), Fr. Robert Holet (St. Nicholas Orthodox Church), Veronica Mary Rolf 
Required Readings: 1) Letters from the Desert (Introduction); 2) On Prayer

March 7, 2014 (Friday): St. John Chrysostom (347-407)
Faculty Participants: Carrie Frost (Religious Studies), Anna Stelow (Classics), John Dobbins (Roman Art & Archaelogy)
Required Readings:  Homily 20, On Ephesians 5:22-33 








Fall 2013 Schedule
altNovember 8, 2013 (Friday): St. Alphonsus Liguori (1696-1787)
Faculty Participants:
Fr. David Link (Univ. of Notre Dame Law School), Fr. Bruno Shah,O.P.; Charles Kromkowski (Politics); TBA
Required Readings: 1) "Advise to Priests Who Minister to Those Condemned to Death"; 2) "Divine Love and the Means of Acquiring It"

October 25, 2013 (Friday): St. Augustine (354-430) (Sorry, we're at our limit. Please join us at the next lunch). 
Faculty participants: Bill Wilson (Religious Studies); John Miller (Classics); Charles  Kromkowski (Politics)
Required Readings: 1) Sermon 302: On the Feast of St. Laurence; 2) Lettters 133, 134, 139; 3) Sermon on the Sacking of Rome

Spring 2013 Schedule
April 19, 2013 (Friday): St. Ephrem the Syrian (c. 309-373)
Faculty Participants: Fr. Sidney Griffith (Catholic University of America); Charles Kromkowski ((Politics); Charles Dunkl (Mathematics); Karin Oberg (Astronomy/Chemistry); Fr, Giles Dimock, O.P., Jaeyuen Park (Medical School); Fr. Stephen Alcott, O.P.
Required Readings: 1) Hymns on Paradise, VII; 2) On Human Language about God.
3): Sidney Griffith, "'Faith Adoring the Mystery': Reading the Bible with St. Emphraem the Syrian"

* * * * *
February 6, 2013 (Wednesday): St. John Cassian (c. 360-435) (Please join us at our next lunch)
Faculty Participants: Fr. Peter Funk, O.S.B. (Prior of the Monastery of the Holy Cross), Br. Timothy Ferrell, Joseph Davis (Institute for Advanced Studies in Culture/Sociology); Bill Ferraro (Papers of George Washington); Charles Kromkowski (Politics); TBA
Required Readings: Conference 14 
Additional Reading: Conference 6

January 18, 2013 (Friday): St. Thomas Aquinas (1224-1274)  (Sorry reservations now closed; please join us at our next scheduled lunch)
Faculty participants: Eleonore Stump (Philosophy, St. Louis University), Jorge Secada (Philosophy), Kate Burke (Drama), Tom Russman (Philosophy), Robert Kemp (Commerce); Charles Kromkowski (Politics)
Required Readings: Summa Theologiae--
1) I.II Question 27. The cause of love (Articles 1-4)
2) I.II Question 28. The effects of love (Articles 1-6)
3) II.II Question 28. Joy (Articles 1-4)

Fall 2012 Schedule

altDecember 7, 2012: St. Leo the Great (c.390/400-461) (Sorry, we're at capacity).
Faculty Participants: Fr. Bruno Shah, O.P., Greg Goering (Religious Studies); Charles Kromkowski (Politics), 
Required Readings: 1) Sermon XXVI (On the Feast of the Nativity); 2) Letter XXVIII (the Tome); 3) Sermon X (On the Collections); 4) Sermon III (on the Anniversary of his Elevation to the Pontificate) 
Additional Reading: Roman Missal selections

(Sorry, reservations now closed: we look forward to seeing you at our next lunch seminar)
October 5, 2012: Flannery O'Connor (1925-1964) 

Faculty Participants: Angela Alaimo O'Donnell (Fordham), Ed Stelow (Medical School), John Miller (Classics), Bruno Shah, O.P., Jeffrey Wills (Classics), Charles Kromkowski (Politics)
Required Readings: 1) A Good Man is Hard to Find; 2) The Catholic Novelist in the Protestant South
 Supplemental Reading: Revelation

Reservations now closed; please consider our next lunch (Oct. 5)
September 28, 2012: Vatican II/Declaration on Religious Freedom

Faculty Participants: Fr. Gerry Fogarty, S.J. (Religious Studies), Charles Kromkowski (Politics); Jean Eby (Public Health Sciences)
Required Readings: Dignitatis Humanae (1965)




Spring 2012 Schedule 

April 20, 2012: St. Francis de Sales (1567-1622) (Reservations now closed: sorry, we're full).
Faculty Participants: Brad Gregory (University of Notre Dame); John Miller (Classics); Jorge Secada (Philosophy); Anna Stelow (Classics); Fr. Stephen Alcott, O.P.
Assigned Readings:
 Introduction to the Devout LifePart 1, Chapters 1-8, and Part 3, Chapters 1-2 and Part 3, Chapters 14-22.

alt(Reservations now closed, we hope to see you at our next lunch).
Feb.24, 2012: Francisco de Vitoria. O.P. (c. 1492-1546) and  the "Doctor Eximius et Pius" Francisco Suarez, S.J. (1548-1617)

Faculty Participants: Jorge Secada (Philosophy); Alfredo Garcia (Systems & Information Engineering); Charles Kromkowski (Politics)
Assigned Readings: Vitoria, 1)"On Civil Power," 2)"On the American Indians," 3)"On the Evangelization of Unbelievers,"  4)"Letter to Arcos" and
See also: "Suarez" in  The Encyclopedia of Ethics

Fall 2011 Schedule

November 4, 2011 (Reservations now closed, please consider reserving a seat at a future lunch seminar)
St. Therese of the Child Jesus (1873-1897)
Faculty Participants: Fr. John Sullivan, OCD, STD; Anna Stelow (Classics); Charles Kromkowski (Politics)
Assigned Readings: Act of Oblation to Merciful Love


September 26, 2011 (Reservations now closed, please consider reserving a seat at our next lunch seminar).
St. John of Avila (the Newest Doctor!)
Faculty Participants: Alison Weber (Spanish), Javier Herrero (Spanish), Alfredo Garcia (Systems & Information Engineering), Jorge Secada (Philosophy); Charles Kromkowski (Politics); Jean Gaare Eby (Public Health Sciences); Fr. Stephen Alcott, O.P.
Assigned Readings: Listen, O Daughter [Audi, filia], 1)
Chapters 5-7; 2) Chapters 50-52; 3) Chapters 92-93.

altSeptember 16, 2011 (Reservations now closed, but please consider attending a future lunch seminar).
Bl. John Henry Newman (1801-1890)
Faculty Participants: Reinhard Hütter (Duke University), Kathryn Sharpe (Darden), Walter Jost (English), Charles Kromkowski (Politics)

Assigned Readings: The Idea of the University (to be posted)
Part I: University Teaching, Ch. II: Theology a Branch of Knowledge, pp. 18-38
Part II: University Subjects, Ch. IV: A Form of Infidelity of the Day, 1854, pp. 287-307

Suggested Additional Reading: See online Newman Reader
Part I: University Teaching, Ch. III: Bearing of Theology on Other Knowledge, pp. 43-70.
Part I: University Teaching, Ch. IV: Bearing of Other Knowledge on Theology, pp. 71-98. 

* * * * * 
Spring 2011 Schedule


April 8, 2011 (Reservations now closed)
St. Gregory the Great (c. 540-604)
Faculty Participants: Thomas F.X. Noble (University of Notre Dame); Robert Louis Wilken (Religious Studies); Charles Kromkowski (Politics); Charles Dunkl (Mathematics); Anna Kim (Art History); Fr. Jacek Buda, O.P., Joe Davis (Sociology)
Assigned Readings: Pastoral Care, Part 1
Recommended Readings: Pastoral Care, Part 2

February 25, 2011 alt
St. John of the Cross (1542-1591)
Faculty Participants: Thomas Russman (Philosophy); Charles Kromkowski (Politics); Anna Stelow (Classics),
Assigned Readings: 1) Spiritual Canticle: stanza 1; 2) Ascent of Mount Carmel; 3) The Living Flame of God; 4) The Dark Night, Bk I; 5) The Dark Night, Bk II; 6) Spiritual Canticle: stanza 12 & 38; 7) Spiritual Canticle: stanza 39.

 January 27, 2011 (Reservations now closed)
St. Thomas Aquinas (c.1225-1274) and the Theological Virtues
Faculty Participants:
Fr. Jacek Buda, O.P.; Fr. Stephen Alcott, O.P., Kathryn Sharpe (Darden); Charles Kromkowski (Politics); Joseph Davis (IASC/Sociology)

Assigned Readings: Summa Theologiae, First Part of the Second Part, Question 62 (pdf), or   http://www.logoslibrary.org/aquinas/summa/2062.html.

Fall 2010 Schedule
altOctober 18, 2010  (Reservations now closed, please join us at the next Doctors lunch)
Boethius (480-524/25)--Christian martyr and the "last Roman"--on the Consolation of Philosophy
Faculty participants: Robert Louis Wilken (Religious Studies), John Miller (Classics), Charles Kromkowski (Politics), Fr. Jacek Buda, O.P.
Assigned reading: Boethius, Consolation of Philosophy, 1) Bk.1.1-6; 2) Bk.2.2; 3) Bk.3.9-10; 4) Bk.5.3
Supplemental Reading: St. Augustine, On Christian Doctrine; and  The Teacher

October 8, 2010
(Reservations now closed, please join us at the next Doctors lunch)
Blessed John Duns Scotus (1255/56-1308) and the Doctrine of the Immaculate Conception
Faculty participants: Trent Pomplun (Loyola University-Maryland), Charles Kromkowski (Politics), Fr. Stephen Alcott, O.P.
Assigned Readings: 1) St. Anselm, On the Virgin Conception and Original Sin, ch.18; 2) Scotus, "Question Two: Immaculate Conception of the Virgin Mary," pp. 30-62

Spring 2010 Schedule
altApril 16, 2010 (Reservations now closed, please consider attending a Doctors lunch next year)
Doctor of the Church: St. Jerome (c. 347-420)
Faculty Participants: Robin Darling Young (Religious Studies), David Kovacs (Classics), Charles Kromkowski (Politics), Kathryn Sharpe (Darden); Fr. Stephen Alcott, O.P.; Anna Stelow (Classics); David Warner (Theology)
Assigned Readings: Letter CXXXIII, To Ctesiphon; Letter to Marcella (XL); Letter to Marcella (XLIII)

Assigned Readings: 1) Song of Song Commentary, trans. Kilian Walsh, Vol. 1, Sermons 3 and 4, pp. 16-24; 2) Letters of St. Bernard of Clairvaux, trans. Bruno Scott James, pp. 222-231.   

March 25, 2010 (Reservations now closed, please consider attending the next Doctors lunch)
Location: Hotel E, West Range
Doctor of the Church: St. Bernard of Clairvaux (1090-1153)
Faculty Participants: Robert Louis Wilken (Religious Studies), Ed Stelow (Medical School: Pathology), Judith Kovacs (Religious Studies)     
February 12, 2010 (Reservations now closed, please consider attending the next Doctors lunch)
Location: The Biltmore, 16 Elliewood Ave.
Time: 12:00-1:30pm
altSaint of the Church: St. Teresa Benedicta of the Cross [Dr. Edith Stein] (1891-1942)
Faculty Participants: Lynn Sanders (Politics), Rebecca Stangl (Philosophy), Charles Kromkowski (Politics), Anna Stelow (Classics), Kathryn Starpe (Darden) & Vincent Phillip Munoz (University of Notre Dame); Fr. Stephen Alcott, O.P. 
Assigned Readings:  1) "The Hidden Life and Epiphany" (1940); 2) The Significance of Woman's Intrinsic Value in National Life"; 3) Ethos of Women's Professions
Extra Reading: Selections on Empathy, pp. 81-89

January 29, 2010 (Reservations now closed, please consider attending a future Doctors lunch)alt
Location: Hotel E/West Range
Doctor of the Church: St. Bonaventure (1221-1274)
Faculty Participants: Thomas Russman (Philosophy), Charles Kromkowski (Politics); Fr. Stephen Alcott, O.P., Kathryn Sharpe (Darden) & Charles Dunkl (Mathematics)
Assigned Readings: 1) Commentary on Book II of the Sentences, X:347-356; 2) Commentary on The Gospel of Luke, ch5: v.30-32 (pp.443-46);
Extra Readings: Commentary on...Lukech 23: v.26 (pp.2136--37); and De Triplici Via [The Triple Way] pp. 71-72, 91-94.

Fall 2009 Schedule
October 16, 2009 (Reservations now closed, please consider attending a future Doctors of the Church lunch)alt
Location: Hotel E, West Range
Doctor of the Church: St. Ephrem the Syrian (c.309-373)
Faculty Participants: Robin Darling Young (Religious Studies), Alfredo Garcia (Systems & Information Engineering), Charles Kromkowski (Politics)
Assigned Reading: 1) Hymns on the Nativity, #11; 2) Hymns on Paradise, V; 3) Hymns on Paradise, X and XI
Suggested Extra Reading: Sidney Griffith, Faith adoring the mystery: reading the Bible with St. Ephraem the Syrian 

October 1, 2009 (Please consider attending the next Doctors lunch on Oct. 16)
Location: Hotel E, West Range
Doctor of the Church: St. John of Damascus (c.676-749), plus St. Gregory Palamas (1296-1359)
Faculty Participants: Fr. Brendan McAnerney OP, Robin Young (Religious Studies), Charles Kromkowski (Politics), John Dobbins (Classical Art & Archaeology) & TBA
Assigned Reading:
1. St. John of Damascus, The Orthodox Faith, Bk. 4, chs. 15-16, [7pp]
2. St. Gregory Palamas, The Triads, Section D 33/66-68; and Section E 14-16 [6pp]

May 8, 2009
Location: Garrett Hall Seminar Room (N.B. New location to accommodate more reservation requests)
Doctor of the Church: St. Teresa of Avila (1515-1582)
Faculty Participants: Diane Gigantino Baltz (Spanish), Alfredo Garcia (Engineering), Javier Herrero (Spanish), Charles Kromkowski (Politics),  
Assigned Reading:
1.The Interior Castle, ch. 4.3 [English] [Spanish]
2. The Book of Her Life, ch. 23 [English] [Spanish]
3. The Book of Her Life, ch. 25 [English] [Spanish]alt

March 19, 2009 (12:00-1:30pm) (Reservations now closed, please consider attending our final lunch)
Location: Hotel E, West Range
Doctor of the Church: St. Anselm (1033-1109)
Faculty Participants: William Wilson (Religious Studies), Rebecca Stangl (Philosophy), Charles Kromkowski (Politics), Charles Dunkl (Mathematics)
Asssigned Reading: Prosologion, especially chapters 1-6 (pp.82-90)

February 13, 2009 (12:00-1:30pm) (We're at our limit, but please consider joining us at a future lunch).
Location: Garrett Hall Seminar Room, Lower Level
Doctor of the Church: St. Catherine of Siena (1347-1380)
Faculty Participants: Bernard McGinn (University of Chicago Divinity School), Kevin Hart (Religious Studies), Joseph Davis (IASC/Sociology), Fr. Gregory Maturi, O.P., Charles Kromkowski (Politics), and Lynn Sanders (Politics)
Assigned Reading: Letters to Fr. Raimondo, T273, T219, T272.
Extra Reading: The Dialogue, chs. 64, 76, and (On Tears) chs.88-91.

November 20, 2008
(Thursday), 12:00-1:30pm (Session full, please consider one of the future sessions)
Location: Hotel E, West Range
Doctor of the Church: St. Thomas Aquinas (1224-1274)
Faculty Participants: Kevin Hart (Religious Studies), Rebecca Stangl (Philosophy), Charles Kromkowski (Politics), Tom Russman (Philosophy, formerly Univ. of St. Thomas, Houston)
Assigned Reading: Summa Theologiae on Love, Part 1, Question 20 (art. 1, 2, 3); and Part 2.2, Question 27 (art. 6) 

October 29, 2008 (Wednesday), 12:00-1:30pm (Session full, please consider one of the future sessions)
Location: Hotel E, West Range
Doctor of the Church: St. Augustine (354-430AD)
Faculty Participants: Robert Wilken (Religious Studies), Brad Wilcox (Sociology), Ed Stelow, M.D. (Pathology), Charles Kromkowski (Politics), 
Assigned Reading: St. Augustine, "The Excellence of Marriage," pp.1-16 
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