"St. Hildegard's Hexaemeron in Art and Music"

Margot Fassler

Keough-Hesburgh Professor of Music History and Liturgy,
Director of the Program of Sacred Music,
University of Notre Dame
The achievements of St. Hildegard of Bingen (1098-1179) are less widely well known yet they are long and distinguished: a Doctor of the Church (!); a mystic whose extensive visions were vetted by the Pope and theologians of her time; advisor to many; vocal critic of political and Church corruption; a venerated Benedictine magistra; author of several influential works of moral theology and exegesis, the first medieval morality play, and several scientific and medical treatises; and the composer of an extensive corpus of highly inspiring artistic illuminations and chanted hymns. 
All are invited to attend this free public lecture, which will address Hildegard's understanding of the six days of Creation, the Hexaemeron.
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