William Cavanaugh

Professor of Theology, DePaul University
Senior Research Professor, Center for World Catholicism and Intercultural Theology

"Economics and Christian Desire:
Milton Friedman, St. Augustine, and the Local Development of a Global Moral Economy"

UVA - Minor Hall Auditorium - 5:15pm

Miss the lecture? See the video here.

Do the personal and communal beliefs and commitments of Christians really end at the instrumental edges of our economic desires, decisions, and institutions? A deep current of Scripture and Catholic thought and practice--from St. Paul through Augustine, Aquinas, and their successors--points with conviction and clarity beyond market-based indifference and the vagaries of "globalization" towards a more authentic, Eucharist-inspired understanding of consumption and economic relationships.  Prof. William Cavanaugh is widely recognized and respected as the author of five books and scores of scholarly articles that seek to bridge the gaps between common contemporary presumptions and practices and the fuller, perhaps presently obscured, richness of faith-inspired ways of thinking and acting within the Christian tradition.  If you haven't yet been exposed to or challenged by any of his writings, please know that all are welcome to the opportunity to see and hear him in person.  


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