Fr. Peter Funk, O.S.B. 
Monastery of the Holy Cross
 "What Makes Sacred Music Sacred?"

If you missed this lecture, watch it here.
Sacred objects are 'set apart' by human agents and reserved for use in sacred contexts.  This notion of the sacred might seem to suggest that any type of music could be deemed fitting for use in the liturgy.  The Church, however, has singled out specific styles as particularly suited to worship.  Is there really something altintrinsically 'sacred' about Gregorian chant and Renaissance polyphony?  Or is this a kind of cultural imperialism?  Fr. Peter Funk will argue for the former, taking into account the specific rhythmic, acoustic and formal qualities of the styles recognized as 'sacred' in the Catholic tradition.  

All are invited and welcomed to attend this public lecture, which will begin at 6:30pm in Minor Hall Auditorium at the University of Virginia.

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