Angela Alaimo O'Donnell

Department of English
Center for American Catholic Studies
Fordham University

"St. Sinatra, Saintliness,
and the Catholic Poetic Imagination"
 If you missed this lecture, watch it here.

So what's up with that Catholic lens and vocabulary that gives poets like Dante, Hopkins, Levertov, and Milosz a particularly wide angle focus on those nearly hidden but then self-evident intersections between words and the depths of life's experiences? How is it that the world could have missed the (only now self-evident) "saintliness" of that "Hoboken hero of Eros" Frank Sinatra? 

Poet and Fordham University professor of English Angela Alaimo O'Donnell is coming to the University not simply to talk about the Catholic poetic imagination and saintliness, but also to share some of her poetry, which she offers with this robust exhortation: "Mangia!" All are invited to attend this public poetry feast on October 4.  There'll be plenty to go around, so bring a friend. The UVA Department of English is a cosponsor of this public lecture.


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